The Best Red Wine for Your Health

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It has long been generally accepted in medical communities and elsewhere that drinking red wine in moderation can be good for your health. However, not all reds are created equal. The best red wine for your health will have certain features and components that make it both delicious and heart-healthy.

To this day, the link between drinking red wine and having fewer heart attacks is not fully understood, but there are a number of valid hypotheses about the correlation. Solid knowledge of this information will help you pick the best red wine for your health that will also meet your particular tastes and palate.

Readers should note that the Mayo Clinic says doctors are “wary of encouraging anyone to start drinking alcohol,” especially if they have a family history of alcohol abuse. Talk to your doctor before beginning any new behavior or health regimen.

What We Reviewed

We reviewed 10 red wines to see what the best red wine for your health would be:

  • Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir
  • Miranda Lambert Red 55 Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
  • Willamette Valley Whole Cluster Pinot Noir 2015
  • Carnivor California Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
  • Shoofly Shiraz 2014
  • Fete Petite Sirah 2014
  • Maimai Syrah 2013
  • Miranda Lambert Country Road Merlot 2013
  • Gnarly Head Merlot 2013
  • Barrel Sample Pinot Noir 2013
  • Vintner's Reserve Pinot Noir

    Pinot Noir can be enjoyed with just about any food, so it is a very popular red wine. Whether you are grilling salmon or chowing down on enchiladas and tacos, Pinot Noir is a great fit.

    Flavors and Scents

    This Pinot Noir has aromas of cherry, toasted almonds, and red raspberry. Once you have enjoyed the scent, take a sip (and then another) for delicious flavors, including Cranberry, Sweet plum, Nutmeg, Rose petals.

    Price $

    This product can be found for between $ and $.


    • Goes with everything
    • Very affordable
    • Wins a lot of awards from wine enthusiasts
    • Is a Pinot Noir, which is on the list of healthy red wines


    • Bold taste is a little strong for some people

    winexpert California Pinot Noir World Vineyard

    This wine is part of winexpert’s signature line. It is grown in California, where grapes get plenty of sun and cooler nighttime temperatures keep the fermenting process cool while supporting acid retention. Sometimes the 2013 vintage can be difficult to find. This wine pairs well with rich meat dishes. The 2013 vintage may be particularly good with lamb and venison, while an older vintage will be best for slow-cooked meat dishes.

    Flavors and Scents

    This Pinot Noir has a fruity aroma, although some are earthier than others. Once you take a sip, you will likely taste notes of blackberry, plum, and even tobacco, which makes the overall experience a lush and rewarding one.

    Price $

    This wine, when it is available, costs about $, although some vendors sell it for less.


    • Cool fermenting process
    • Wine retains acidity
    • Pinot Noir is high in antioxidants


    • Need older vintages for slow-cooked meat dishes
    • May be difficult to find

    Carnivor California Cabernet Sauvignon

    Cabernets are great if you are looking for the best red wine for your health. Cabernet Sauvignon pairs best with red meats, but it also goes well with cheeses like gouda and aged cheddar or Portabello mushrooms.

    Flavors and Scents

    If you like Merlots, then you will love this Cabernet. This is a dry wine with fruity aromas and a medium-full body.

    Price $

    This particular wine is often easiest to find in a kit that lets you ferment the wine yourself. However, this makes it much more expensive. Some kits cost more than $$$.


    • Great with red meats, cheeses, and Portabello mushrooms
    • Dry, which is good for healthy red wines
    • Affordable
    • Lots of antioxidants


    • More costly than other wines on this list
    • May be difficult to find unless you make it yourself

    winexpert Vieux Chateau Du Roi Petite Shiraz Blend

    This bright red wine is full of berry flavors. It pairs well with Moroccan spices, grilled meats, and hard cheeses.

    Flavors and Scents

    The Vieux Chateau Du Roi has a strong, fruity flavor that some have compared to jam. Both blackberries and blueberries offer strong tones,while licorice and pepper give the aroma a spicy tinge instead of all sweet. The wine also has a clear acid line that cuts through the jam to make it a bit more dry than other similar Shiraz blends. Some people think of Shiraz wines as dessert wines, but unlike many sweet wines, this one will also be a good one to drink for the potential health benefits.

    Price $

    You can find this Shiraz for pretty affordable prices.


    • Good dry wine for those who prefer sweet
    • Affordable
    • Pairs well with a variety of foods


    • A sweet wine, making it less beneficial than dry reds for your health

    Cru Select California Cabernet Syrah Zinfandel

    This wine has no tannic aftertaste and is extremely smooth. It pairs with just about anything. You can also find kits to make this wine in your own home, which will create a unique vintage just for you!

    Flavors and Scents

    This extremely dark red wine is sometimes compared to ink. The color comes with flavors of peppers, blackberries, blueberries, and licorice. The spicy aroma enhances the flavors.

    Price $

    This red wine usually costs between $ and $$ in most cases.


    • Very dark in color with lots of antioxidants
    • Affordable price
    • Pairs with everything


    • May be unavailable after Christmas

    Miranda Lambert Country Road Merlot 2013

    This delicious merlot from Miranda Lambert’s exclusive line is perfect to paid with a marinara sauce or dark chocolate.

    Flavors and Scents

    This wine is very dry and has a strong berry essence that pervades both the flavor and aroma.

    Price $

    This wine usually retails for around $, though if you have difficulty locating it then it may retail for more because of scarcity.

    Miranda Lambert Merlot Is Out-Of-Stock


    Try This Instead


    • Very dark, so great for antioxidant loading
    • Affordable
    • Pairs well with chocolate


    • May be difficult to find in stock

    Gnarly Head Merlot 2013

    This velvety merlot pairs with just about anything, from pizza to porterhouse steaks or roasted vegetables.

    Flavors and Scents

    Another fruity wine, Gnarly Head Merlot has deep aromas and fruity flavors that are filled with black currants, ripe plums, and even a few sweet herbs. This wine is on the sweet side but remains bold.

    Price $

    You can find Gnarly Head Merlot 2013 for about $, but if you have to bid on it from a secondary vendor, the price could go much higher.


    • Pairs with easy things like pizza
    • Heavy on antioxidants
    • Affordable


    • This vintage is somewhat rare

    Grand Cru Pinot Noir Wine Kit

    This amazing wine pairs wonderfully with duck, mushroom dishes, and even cheese that normally would require a sweet wine rather than a dry one. Fatty dishes also go well with this Pinot Noir.

    Flavors and Scents

    With a rich blend of berry notes combined with the aroma of cloves and rose petals, Barrel Sample Pinot Noir 2013 has a complexity that enables it to cut through the fat in rich dishes like duck. You may even detect a hint of vanilla or wood in the aroma.

    Price $

    You can find this wine ranging in price from $ to $.


    • Pairs well with rich, fatty foods
    • Affordable
    • High in antioxidants
    • Pairs well with foods that normally would go better with sweet wines


    • Not everyone likes woody flavors

    Product FAQ

    Wine, whether red or white, is made from grape juice. People have been making wine for thousands of years, and citizens of China may have been drinking it as early as 7000 B.C.

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    2. Is Drinking Red Wine Really Good for You?

    3. What Makes Red Wine Good for You?

    4. Is Red Wine Better Than White Wine for Health?

    5. What Are the Indications of the Best Red Wine for Your Health?

    6. What Are Signs You May Be Drinking Too Much Red Wine?

    How We Reviewed

    The following products were reviewed based on the following parameters:

    • Key antioxidant content indicators
    • Flavors and scents
    • Pros
    • Cons
    • Price

    We created this list to ensure that when you are looking for the best red wine for your health, you can evaluate your options from a variety of angles. While many people believe the most expensive reds are always the best red wine for your health, the health-improving components of wine are rarely reflected in its price. Many low- or mid-price wines outperform high-price wines when you evaluate for antioxidant indicators.

    We will examine whether a wine contains the levels of antioxidants and other components needed to make it better for your health in the product review. It is also important when you seek the best red wine for your health that you be able to buy it easily since you’ll likely be drinking it often and that you know any other notable points of interest or features of the beverage.

    Overall Price Range of the Best Red Wine for Your Health

    The good news here is that finding the best red wine for your health can be affordable. While some red wines can cost in excess of $, there are plenty of delicious varieties available for much less.

    The Best Red Wine for Your Health Is Waiting

    Wine is so subjective to each individual’s preferences, it is difficult to pick a top favorite from our list. However, each wine we selected strikes the balance between healthy components and a pleasure to drink. Now that you know there are many options for the best red wine for your health, you can start evaluating which vintage and vineyard best suit your tastes. Whether you prefer rich foods or just like to drink your wine alone on the deck while enjoying the evening, you can take comfort in the knowledge you thought about your heart health and your immune system when you poured your glass.

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