How To Build A Diamond Wine Rack

bottles of wine on a diamond wine rack

Countless Americans enjoy indulging in a few glasses of vino at night, but so few can afford some of the fancy storage options on the market. Built-in wine cellars simply do not exist in the vast majority of homes. Store-bought shelving is expensive and often does not fit the dimensions of the area where you want it to go.

Special wine refrigerators are usually limited in space, keeping wine lovers from enjoying an expansive collection. Most people are forced to resort to improper wine storage methods. If you are one of the many that this issue affects, keep reading! In this article, we will teach you how to build a diamond wine rack of your very own.

These instructions will get you one storage cube that holds up to twenty-four bottles of wine. This rack is so easy to build, you can make several more that you can stack on for even greater storage capacity. Whether you are looking to make your wine-loving loved ones a thoughtful gift, looking to save money furnishing your home, or just love a fun DIY project, you will benefit from this instruction guide.

After reading this article, anyone can learn how to build a diamond wine rack and make a unique piece of furniture.

List Of DIY Diamond Wine Racks

Diamond Wine Rack

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The DIY diamond wine rack that you will be able to build yourself by reading this article creates a well designed, customizable wine rack that will look good in any space. The instructions allow you to build a storage cube with diamond-shaped shelving.

By building your own wine rack, you can build furniture to your specifications and choose a stain color that complements your existing rooms and furniture. While this rack will call for minimal manual labor in order to make it, the materials are few and the instructions are simple. Building this rack will take less than an hour and cost far less than several racks on the market.


  • Inexpensive
  • Customizable to fit color schemes and spaces
  • Customizable to fit color schemes and spaces


  • Requires manual labor
  • May not already own required tools

Vintage View Mounted Metal Hanging

Wine Rack

This metal wine rack holds two bottles per row for a total of eighteen bottles of wine. The rack measures 36 inches in height, 12 inches in width, and 8.5 inches in depth and is constructed from a rugged steel material.

The Vintage View rack is meant to be mounted on walls, which allows owners to showcase impressive collections with ease. Buyers have the choice of buying one rack for smaller spaces or several and stack them. This option can allow optimal storage in small wine cellars. Wine lovers with large collections will love this option.


  • Allows guests to view bottles
  • Multiple racks can be stacked in a row for large spaces


  • Some walls will not be suitable for mounting
  • Will require some assembly
  • Expensive

NutriChef Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This personal wine cooler is a professional grade wine refrigerator meant for your home. The wine cooler seals your bottles completely, allowing your wine to stay fresh and at the perfect temperature. This mini wine cellar holds up to twelve bottles and features an LED light that gives it a sophisticated and luxurious look. The cooler is made of reinforced glass with a stainless steel exterior. This product was designed to cool your bottles silently and energy efficiently.


  • Temperature controlled environment for wines
  • Sleek design
  • Energy and space efficient


  • Expensive
  • Only holds twelve bottles
  • May not fit in some kitchens

Moon Moon Butterfly Wine Rack

This decorative wine rack fits well on any countertop and holds up to six bottles of wine. Its sleek and elegant design complements many kitchen layouts, and it comes fully assembled.

The Kaydian Krafts wine rack is constructed of a wood material covered with a dark brown faux leather. Measuring eleven inches in length, eleven inches in height, and eight inches in width, this space-saving wine rack allows you to showcase your top six wines while leaving space for other necessities on the counter.

Like any good wine rack, this countertop rack ensures that bottles are stored horizontally. Owners will still have to pick out a location for this rack that keeps bottles out of the sun and in a temperature controlled area.


  • Easy to store and place around the house
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Matches well with other decors


  • Only holds six bottles
  • Faux leather will wear out over time
  • Only holds certain bottles sizes

How Other Products Compare

While there are a number of wine racks on the market, the DIY diamond wine rack is still one of the best options for the price. The handcrafted project will be endearing to loved ones, and its look will make any home even homier.

This unique piece will not look like every other piece of store bought furniture, making it a great conversation piece at parties and a thoughtful present. This DIY diamond wine rack can also be expanded by simply making more storage cubes. You have the option of making one storage cube for a smaller space or building several to create a wall of wine for larger wines or wine cellars.

While other wine racks you can buy pre-made have their own positive qualities, we are confident that building your own diamond wine rack is a great option. We have chosen a few pre-made wine racks to see how they compare.

  • Vintage View Mounted Metal Hanging Wine Rack
  • NutriChef Thermoelectric Wine C​ooler
  • Kaydian Krafts Countertop Wine Rack

Grapes into Glasses

Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages of all time. This grape-based drink has been around for centuries, with evidence of the first vintages dating back to 7000 BC.

Today, there are innumerable variations of wine: red, white, and pink, dry and sweet, sparkling, and infused with different fruits. There is a type of wine that pairs with every meal, and types of wine that fit every occasion. The prices of wines vary greatly, with some bottles costing as little as $5 and others costing thousands of dollars per glass.

The process of making wine, however, remains largely the same. Learning this process will help you understand the importance of proper wine storage and the importance of guides like this one that teaches you how to build a diamond wine rack.

The first step of the winemaking process is the harvesting or picking of the perfect grapes. Once the grapes are chosen, they are ready to process in wineries. Red wine is created from the pulp of red or black grapes while white wine is made from the grape’s juice. Rose is made two different ways. Either the red grapes touch the red or black grape skin enough to create the pink color or you simply mix red and white wine together.

Each process takes the pulp or the juice and it is fermented. Fermentation occurs when yeast is added. The yeast reacts with the natural sugars, turning the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The fermentation process can take anywhere between one and two weeks.

Rules for Storing Wine

For those who care about the quality of their wine, or who want to make sure their bottles last as long as possible, proper storage is a must. Keeping your bottles in seemingly harmless areas can actually cause lasting damage to your favorite wines and rob you of their full flavor and aroma.

Abiding by the following guidelines can help you keep your wines in the best shape possible. Keep in mind that this guide for how to build a diamond wine rack is useless if you place your diamond wine rack in a suboptimal location.

Make sure that you keep your new wine rack out of the sun in a temperature controlled location that is detached from heavy foot traffic to reduce the risk of knocking the rack over or knocking bottles out of their shelves.

Keep It on Its Side

As any dedicated wino knows, there are several rules for storing wine. This guide for how to build a diamond wine rack puts you on the right path.

The wine rack it helps you build allows bottles of wine to be stored appropriately on their side. It is important for bottles of wine to be stored on their sides once they have been opened. The liquid needs to stay in contact with the cork in order to keep it hydrated. If the cork dehydrates, it can let air into the bottle.

Allowing air to mix with your wine enables oxidation to occur. Oxidation is the kiss of death for many wines as it causes aroma and flavor to deteriorate.

Keep an Eye on the Thermometer

To maintain optimum quality, it is important to keep your bottles of wine at a cool, but not cold, temperature. The target temperature for wine storage is between 50 and 58 degrees Fahrenheit. When wine gets too warm, the degradation process accelerates.

What is even worse for your wine, however, is temperature fluctuation. Moving the wine from cold to hot and hot to cold too many times can render a high-quality wine undrinkable.

Keep It Out of the Sun

To slow the process of degradation, keep your bottles out of the sun. The sun’s UV rays candamage the tender qualities your wine has, causing it to age prematurely. Make sure that your bottles are stored in a dark area, out direct of sunlight.

Keep Up the Humidity

The same logic behind storing your wine on its side is behind maintaining humidity. Keeping your bottles of wine in a humid environment keeps the cork from drying out. If you are concerned about humidity levels in your storage location, do not hesitate to place a humidifier in the area.

Keep It Still

A lesser known way that your wine can be unnecessarily aged is through shaking, jostling, or any kind of vibration. The extra movement can speed up the degradation process. Ensuring that your storage medium is solid and secure is of optimum importance.

How to Build a Diamond Wine Rack

Materials You Will Need

  • 2 pine boards (1”x10’8″)
  • 1 ¼ inch washer head pocket screws
  • Wood conditioner
  • Wood stain (color of your choice)
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper

Tools You Will Need

  • Hand plane
  • Orbital sander
  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Kreg jig
  • Miter saw

Step-by-Step Instructions

To preface these instructions, it is important that you are trained and confident in your ability to use the tools required for this project. This how to build a diamond wine rack project will require the use of potentially dangerous tools like the miter saw, jigsaw, and drill.

Take appropriate caution when working with these potentially dangerous tools and always make sure to wear safety gear when operating power tools.

Cut the Top and Sides of Storage Cube

Use the miter saw to cut a top and a bottom measuring 16 inches long. Next cut two sides measuring 14.5 inches long.

Create Pocket Holes

Once your pieces are ready, smoothen the cut off edges with your hand plane. This will make assembly easier and smoother.

Next, fix the top, bottom, and sides into a square frame with the masking tape. Use a pencil to lightly mark the inner side of the sides with an X. Mark the future pocket holes by placing the side boards on an even surface.

Mark five lines, spaced evenly along the width of the board, using a measuring tape or a ruler for precise measurements. You can use these same ruler measurements to lay out the same lines on the top and bottom of each sideboard. After that, set your Kreg jig on ¾”.

Make sure the sideboard is facing you before you drill the pocket holes in. Follow this process along each of the pre-marked lines. Once all the pocket holes are drilled in, use your drill and screws to assemble the rack.

Prepare the X Shelf

Use a measuring tape to take the measurement from the inside corner to the corner diagonal to it. This measurement should come in around 27.7”. Use your miter saw to cut a piece of board the length that you just measured, then check to make sure it fits.

It is better to err on the longer side than it is to cut too short. If your newly cut piece is too long for the space, use the saw or the hand plane to get it to the perfect size. Then, take this piece’s measurement and use the saw to cut an identical length piece of board.

At this point, you can mark spots you will cut out of the two boards that will allow them to form the X shape. Start by finding the center of one of the boards with your measuring tools and marking the center point with a line.

After that, take a leftover piece of pine with a thickness of ¾” and place it over the line and mark that spot. Finally, you can mark the spot you will actually cut out so the pieces dovetail together. This spot will be the halfway mark of the board’s width.

Cut Out the Notches and Fit the Shelf

Use your jigsaw to cut out the marked notches. Feel free to use your hand plane to smoothen out any rough surfaces. Once the X shelf is assembled, fit it into the square shaped frame.


Once the storage cube is assembled, use sandpaper to smoothen the surfaces into a desirable texture. As this is a pine wood piece of furniture, you will need to use wood conditioner before staining the wood.

Once the wood has been conditioned, you can use a few coats of a stain of your choice to finish off the project. Once the stain has dried, your project is complete. You have successfully learned how to build a diamond wine rack!


bottles of wine on a huge wine rack

Learning how to build a diamond wine rack can really serve you in a variety of purposes. Many people love the look of handmade woodwork because it gives any space a warm and homey feel. The finished wine rack makes for an inexpensive and thoughtful gift. It fits a variety of occasions, including college graduation, housewarming parties, anniversaries, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day,or even Valentine’s Day.

There’s no better way to show a loved one that you care by gifting them with a present that you made by hand. This DIY project is so easy to build that you will surely be tempted to build more and more. The great thing about this guide for how to build a diamond wine rack is that you can build additional racks and stack them as your wine collection grows. Regardless of if this wine rack is for you or a loved one, everyone who uses the wine rack will love this unique piece of furniture.

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